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“In my fantasy, there’s a connection between medieval pageantry; evil iconography; the beginning of the grand spectacle in film from the 1920s, and then the hippie movement.” – Kiki Smith

Join Professor Robert Mills (Professor of Medieval Studies, University College London) for his insightful talk which explores the medieval inspiration behind Kiki Smith’s Jacquard tapestries and considers how medieval art and culture has been a source for modern and contemporary artists.

Find out more about Kiki Smith: I am a Wanderer here.

Robert Mills

Bob Mills is Professor of Medieval Studies at University College London, and director of qUCL, UCL's LGBTQ research network.

Bob's research focuses on the visual culture and literature of England and France between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries. He has longstanding interests in gender and sexuality, both as historical phenomena and critical categories.

Author of Suspended Animation: Pain, Pleasure and Punishment in Medieval Culture (2005) and Seeing Sodomy in the Middle Ages (2015), he has recently completed a project on Derek Jarman's medievalism entitled Derek Jarman's Medieval Modern. Bob is currently working on questions of animality and sovereignty in medieval art.