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Welcome to the #breathworks community!

Breathworks is a digital project exploring everyone’s unique experience of breathing. Throughout August, we invited you to contribute your own ‘breathwork’ by capturing an experience of breathing via an image and sound recording, as explained below. Contributions touched on a wide range of topics but all were connected literally or metaphorically by the theme of breathing.

Although the digital project Breathworks is finished, we wanted to allow you to create breath responses for a little bit longer, to accompany our exhibition Responsive Space. We look forward sharing a limited selection on social media until January 2021.

About Breathworks

Breathworks was started by artist-researcher Lucy Sabin. The idea behind Breathworks was to explore the diverse range of scenarios that remind us of our breath, from illness to new life and everything in between. Indeed, recent world events have brought new meaning to the act of breathing… Read more here.

How to Take Part

To take part you need to create an image and make a sound recording (lasting 20 to 60 seconds, max file size 8MB) then click the button below and complete the Submission Form. You can use a smartphone or tablet for the whole process and there’s no need to download anything. For recording sound, an app usually comes pre-installed on your device: on iPhones and iPads, it’s called Voice Memos; on android devices, it’s Voice Recorder.

  • Take your photo or make your image
  • Record your sound (20-60 seconds)
  • Upload your files via the form

Once you submit your files, we will convert your sound and image into an animated visualisation, as seen in these examples. Your finished breathwork will appear online within 2-5 working days. Then you can start sharing your breathwork with family and friends.

I'm ready to submit

If you have any questions about taking part, email the gallery’s Digital Team at